Issue Two

Issue Two


October 6, 2018

The all new micro:mag Issue Two is here! We’ve got an improved design and a glorious 96 pages of content for you to enjoy, here’s a sneak peek of what we have to offer this issue, enjoy!

Scratch + micro:bit

This issues Cover feature is all about Scratch 3.0 and it’s new micro:bit blocks. We’ve got all sorts of things for you in the new and exciting cover feature. Michael Rimicans teaches us the basics of Scratch 3 and micro:bit and Eileen King shows us how to make our own Scratch games controller, these are just some of the articles to enjoy in this issues cover feature.

Make your own MakeCode Blocks

Dexter Industries CTO, Nicole Parrot, shows us how to expand the capabilities of MakeCode for the micro:bit by adding our own custom blocks to do cool things. This is a great tutorial for beginners and experts wanting to make their micro:bit makecode experience better.

Plus, a selection of extra things in Issue Two:

  • Countdown Timer: Les Pounder guides us through how to make a countdown timer in micro:hit 2.

  • Micro:bit & Kodu: Learn how to connect your micro:bit to Kodu Game Labs to make your games interact with the real world.

  • Reviews of: 4Tronix cube:bit, Dexter Industries GiggleBot, DFRobot’s expansion board and Kitronik’s :GAME ZIP 64!

  • Hack:Bit 2018: Learn about the worlds first national level micro:bit hackathon where schools and teams got together to make cool micro:bit projects.

Information on other articles can be found in the contents pages.

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