Issue One

Issue One


June 29, 2018

The first issue of micro:mag is here!

micro:bits In Libraries

In this issues cover article, Michael Rimicans is giving us some insight into the micro:bit in libraries scheme. You can now loan out micro:bits in hundreds of UK libraries, giving more people the chance to get hands on with computer science.

micro:bit in Wonderland

We got the chance to exclusively interview the authors of micro:bit in wonderland. This amazing book which is based on the bestseller Alice in Wonderland mixes the classic tale of Alice with the micro:bit. Hear how the book was written and what’s next for the authors of this amazing book.

Plus, a selection of extra things in Issue One:

  • Skulls or Snakes? Les Pounder guides us through how to make a fun game with the micro:bit and MakeCode.

  • Minecraft Pi and micro:bit: Chris Penn helps us connect out micro:bit to the Raspberry Pi to interact with Minecraft!

  • Pimoroni’s pin:bit and scroll:bit reviewed!

  • Get to know the Micro:bit Educational Foundation! We ask members of the foundation what is their favourite burger? Read their answers in the :foundation section of the magazine. Exclusive to micro:mag!

Information on other articles can be found in the contents pages.

View and Download Issue One:

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