Issue Six

Issue Six


November 9, 2019

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micro:mag Issue #6 out now!

Good news! Your free copy of micro:mag Issue Six is now available to download! We hope you like it!

Build a low-cost DIY micro:bit robot

This issue’s cover feature is “Build your own DIY Low Cost Robot”. One of the most common projects people build with the micro:bit is a robot. The micro:bit makes this super simple both on the hardware and software side of things. The majority go out and purchase a prebuilt robot that makes it super easy to get started with robotics and the micro:bit. However, most of the time, this can set you back £40+. For this special issue, we set Creative Technologist and regular micro:mag contributor Les Pounder the challenge of building the ultimate low-cost micro:bit powered robot that anyone can build, with just a few parts.


4tronix’s new motor drive board, Girls into coding, Robot Showdown, Running workshops in fields, 3D printed Servo Magic 8 Ball. And many more!

micro:mag Issue #6

  • Build a Low Cost DIY micro:bit Powered Robot
  • Robot Showdown
  • Girls into Coding
  • Running workshops in fields
Plus many more!

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